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Elizabeth Hagan Joins Our Team as an Independent Investment Representative

At Scott Advisory Group, growth is a priority.  In a family business that has been evolving and growing for decades, it is important that we continue to focus on growth in all areas including expanding our knowledge and expertise, growing our client base and continuing to bring new advisors onto our team.  That is why we're excited to announce the hiring of Elizabeth Hagan.  Samantha had the pleasure of interviewing Liz to gain insight on her career, passions, and personal life when she joined our team in early 2021.  Please get to know Liz and all she has to offer:

Elizabeth Hagan, owner and operator of Principle Finance & Coaching, LLC is an Independent Investment Representative, Coach, and Financial Literacy advocate.  Liz recently made the move to become fully Independent by joining  SagePoint Financial.  After working in retail banking for the majority of her professional career, this merger allows Liz to provide her clients and her community unbiased financial information and resources in a way that honors her values for how people should be treated as well as their right to make well-informed decisions.  I am so excited to get to work with Liz again and know she’ll thrive in her coaching and financial role. 

I’ve known Liz since 2009 when she hired me at Citizens Bank for a retail banking position.  More than a supervisor, Liz acted as a mentor to me in this role and helped me to advance my career until I left the bank in 2013 to become an Independent Financial Advisor.  We’ve remained friends over the years and our career paths have crossed once again when Liz made the decision to join my team as an Independent Investment Representative and Coach. 

Although we’ve known each other for a long time, reconnecting in business this year inspired me to want to know more about her professional background.  What has she been up to since we last worked together?  Where is her career heading and what kind of work does she do as a Financial Coach?  These are some of the questions I asked her when I had the privilege of interviewing her in preparation for joining SagePoint Financial and growing her business, Principle Finance and Coaching, LLC.

As an Investment Representative and Coach, Liz is well versed in a wide variety of financial topics.  She not only offers investment and insurance recommendations, but also helps her clients with credit repair, budgeting, and their savings goals. As a REALTOR®, Liz works with a lot of first time home buyers and finds many individuals and families have questions on how to improve their personal finances to build up their savings for a down payment while managing the household bills and planning for retirement. This is where Liz shines!  She strives to understand the unique financial scenarios each family faces and is eager to help her clients connect the dots.

Liz offers her coaching clients an initial meeting (always at no charge) to first get to know each other. She shares her approach and takes the time to understand their assets, income, expenses, goals, and concerns. Taking a full inventory of savings, investments, retirement plans, and other liquid assets helps her clients see the big picture. By creating a budget and allocating a specific job to each dollar, she helps their end goal become a reality.

When I asked Liz why she wanted to be an Independent Investment Representative instead of working for a captive agency or for a bank, Liz was excited to share her thoughts. She told me she wanted the freedom to offer truly good advice that she believed in. Having been restricted by other firms’ policies, it was challenging to hold back from referring clients to friends and colleagues within her network from the finance, real estate and legal industries when it was the best solution. She believes business is about relationships and providing service; bringing true value. So, now becoming independent enables Liz to provide advice in many areas while offering investment options from a virtually endless list, as well as connecting clients to other local professionals including attorneys, accountants, mortgage lenders and banks. It’s her passion for helping people in her community that sets Liz apart and makes her a great addition to our organization.

The number one reason Liz became an Independent Investment Representative is her family. Liz is a wife and a mother to four children: Kobi age 11, Isaiah age 9, and twins Noah and Naomi age 6. They are currently doing their schooling from home where Liz also conducts a lot of her business. She and her family congregate at New Life Worship Center in Worcester, learn basketball skills and drills with TLK Sports, and engage with other community organizations. Liz is also a published children’s book author and freelance writer.

I’ve always been impressed by Liz, and I’m sure by now, you are too!  She wears a smile on her face almost all the time, has a positive and contagious attitude, treats people with respect, and loves to share her wealth of knowledge with people in her community.  Her passion for helping people becomes apparent immediately upon talking to her about her work.  Her role with Principle Finance and Coaching, LLC is clearly more than a job. Although her business is young, her experience in working in finance with clients is long-standing, going back to 2002.

Liz can be reached at 774-641-8109 or EHagan@SagePointAdvisor.com.  Her office is located at 550 Cochituate Rd. Suite 25. Framingham, MA 01701. She also meets clients via Zoom, at their home or out for coffee to keep their meeting convenient.  You can learn more about Liz and her background here.

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