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Life Lessons From Our Mother

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve been reflecting on our childhood and all of the things our mother has taught us. All parents teach their kids things like sharing, “treat others the way you want to be treated”, and not to go swimming right after you eat. That one is questionable. But for us, it’s the one-of-a-kind lessons our mom shared with us that mean the most.

Among the countless words she’s said to us over the years, these ones are our faves:

1. "Never order spaghetti on a first date."

This one is funny, but actually really good advice. Just imagine meeting the perfect person in your perfect outfit and trying desperately to twirl your spaghetti in just the right way. One wrong move and the first date becomes the last.

2. "You gotta suffer to be beautiful."

This one is especially nostalgic because her mother said this to her and she passed it on to us. We both vividly remember getting ready for Easter Sunday every year. The night before, our mom would tie our hair in “rag curls”. Rag curls are the crafty way of getting super curly hair without the curling iron. She would take strips of fabric from a t-shirt and wrap up tendrils of our hair. We’d whine while she tugged on each section, tying up the fabric into knots against our scalps. Instead of pitying us, she’d just respond, “You gotta suffer to be beautiful.” The next day in our matching pastel dresses and luscious blonde locks, we sure were!  Even today as our brows are being waxed or feet hurting in high heels, we'll think to ourselves this very saying and tough it out.

3. “There’s another bus coming."

This was our mother's way of saying “there’s plenty of fish in the sea”. She always reminded us (and our girlfriends) to move on from whoever it was who broke our hearts. They’re not worth it and there’s another bus coming.

4. “They won’t remember what you said, but they’ll remember how you made them feel."

Very true! So many times we see people who we know we’ve met before, but can’t quite remember the conversation we had or the interaction itself. Instead, we know instinctively whether we like them or not. Either the person left you with a positive impression or a negative one. We always strive to leave the people who we meet with good feelings and if we see them again, we hope they’ll remember us positively.

5. "Your sister is your best friend no matter what."

Clearly, this one resonated with us. Like any siblings, we often disagree and have arguments. This has been the case since we were little kids. As we grew up, started school, and made friends of our own, we were reminded that no matter who comes into our lives and what problems we may face, we’re to always be the other’s best friend. To this day, we are each other’s shoulder to cry on, hand to hold, and favorite person.

6. "If you see a good climbing tree, climb it."

Growing up, we lived on a farm. There were acres of woods in all directions. Climbing trees was something we mastered at a young age. If we were out and about and came across a good tree, we would sometimes stop to climb it. It was important. To this day, if we see a tree with some low, sturdy branches we’re on it! Same goes for any opportunity; if it’s right there in front of you, don’t let it pass you by.

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mothers out there. The many lessons you instill in your children just might stick with them into adulthood. Sometimes, the best lessons are the seemingly insignificant ones you teach without necessarily realizing it.

This post is dedicated to our mother, Jean Scott. We love you! 

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