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"So You’re Not Just an Assistant?!"

Jessica and I are unique for sure, but we’re not aliens sent from another planet. Many things set us apart. Yes, we are sisters, we look like twins, and yes, we are young and attractive. And most importantly, yes! We are both fully licensed Financial Advisors and Stock Brokers. Apparently, this is unbelievable to some, which to be honest, is insulting. Good thing for us, we have thick skin and have learned to respond with wit and humor when questioned on our credentials.

So when we’re mingling and saying hello to colleagues and networking with other industry professionals, we’re taken back when someone says to us, “So are you guys Advisors or…?”. No, buddy. We’re here for the wine. Of course, we’re Financial Advisors! Apparently, we have the “admin” look. Believe me, I have the most respect for my Executive Assistant, Soosan who we cherish. She’s the best – has a Master’s Degree in business, is a mother to two young girls, and supports our business as if it were her own. But why, just because we are cute, young ladies, do these guys automatically assume we couldn’t actually be educated and licensed? This isn’t 1950.

If you’re a person who doesn’t fit into the mold of what you’re expected to look and act like, congratulations! Of course, there is legitimacy to dressing appropriately for your job. That’s why we dress professionally, keep our nails and hair neat, and hold our heads high with confidence. But just because we don’t look like the typical Financial Advisor, doesn’t mean we won’t exceed our clients’ expectations and dominate in our field. We just happen to wear lipstick and high heels. As a matter of fact, sometimes we learn we actually have greater qualifications than the middle-aged man pointing his finger at us. The Series 7 is often considered the gold standard of financial advisors licenses, but many don’t have it due to the fact that it’s also the most difficult securities license to obtain. Well, guess what? The Scott Sisters each hold their series 7 among many other designations. In your face, old man!

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Just because someone is young, doesn’t mean they aren’t experienced. Just because someone has tattoos, doesn’t mean they are unprofessional. And just because a woman is working in an industry dominated by men, doesn’t mean she isn’t right for the job. Don’t just think outside the box — live outside the box.

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